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Nordic Countries Genealogy Research

A group that covers all things Nordic i.e. Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, handling topics such as research, Family History Library classes, collections, websites, and changes in the world of genealogy for Nordic countries

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Group Resources

Nordic Names wiki

Danish Family Search

Danish-English dictionary by William Mariboe (1861)

Svenska socknar

Finnish Genealogy: The Finnish Naming System

digitalarkivet - Norway

The Norwegian Historical Data Centre

Name Distribution Maps

Old Danish-English Dictionar pdf

AO Genvej

Danish Probates Sjaelland

General Norway info

Finland DIGI National Library's Digital Collection

FamilySearch Place Search

Denmark: Abbreviations in Army Levying Rolls

Southern Sweden Demographic Database

Krabsen Stednavnebase

Finland Church Directories

1972 Postal guide for Norway

Norwegian Calendar

Learn Handwriting Video

Danish Word List

Swedish Word List

Norwegian Word List

Finnish Word List

Icelandic Word List

German Word List

Latin Word List

Google Maps

Google Translate


FS Wiki Norway

FS Wiki Sweden

FS Wiki Denmark

FS Wiki Finland

FS Wiki Iceland

FS Wiki Faroe Islands

FS WIki Schleswig-Holstein

Finland Maps Historical

Norway Maps

Norway: Typing Æ, Ø, and Å

Sweden: Typing Å, Ä, and Ö

Norway Parish Maps

Denmark Digitized Newspapers

Denmark FS Hst Records

Iceland FS Hst Records

Sweden FS Hst Records

Finland FS Hst Records

Norway FS Hst Records


Danish 101 Word List

Scandinavian Given Names

Denmark: Military Levy Numbers (Lægdsnummer)

Swedish Genealogy Guide


Swedish Historical Dictionary Database

Sweden abbreviation in Family History Sources

Feast Days Denmark

Stockholm Stad

The Catholic Encyclopedia

Ordbog over det danske Sprog

Fuzzy Gazetteer ISODP

Swedish Parish Pages

Danish Priests Index

Geographical Names

FS Indexing

Norsk Ordbog af Hans Ross


Denmark Lægdsruller

Danish census indexing status chart

Learn Old Scand. Script

Finland Genealogical Abbreviations

Swedish to Finnish to English Genealogy Abbreviations

Swedish Genealogical Dictionary

"How to" Guides

Swedish Genealogy

Svenska Akademiens Ordböcker

Learning Center--FS recorded webinars

Ortnamn Registret

FamilySearch Catalog

Norwegian map

Digitalarkivet of Norway

David Rumsey Map Collection

A New Pocket Dictionary of the English and Swedish Languages-1873

Finnish to English Names

Sweden Map (Lantmäteriet)

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