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Mass delete sources and copy and paste source from existing person

Last year I added some 10,000 Italian names for ancestors, most with 1-10 customized sources. Two source topics: (1) I used to periodically delete sources (at 25 per page), but that takes too long to complete. I stopped doing that and currently I have over 13,000 sources. Would be nice to have an option for full deletion. Otherwise, I suspect that by year end I will be well over 20,000 sources. (2) Second point is that if I find an existing person and see a source that I want to use for another person, with 13,000 sources it is impossible to find that source. Instead, I merely re-create that source, even though that means that there is a duplication. It would be wonderful if there were a way to find and copy an existing source to be pasted to a new person? Thanks for all the great work you do. Ron Packard

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