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Not finding census records

edited October 12 in Search

Why are the census records not showing when looking for sources, there are not any at all for some of my ancestors but yet Ancestry has them, why not us???????


  • Sorry you are having trouble finding some census records. If you would specify which year and country of census you seek we could better assist you.

    Since you found the one you want on Ancestry it may be that they negotiated the rights to use that census on their site. For most of them, FamilySearch has negotiated with Ancestry to also have them viewable on FamilySearch - under conditions they dictate. But until we know which census is in question it is difficult to give you a more complete answer.

    We look forward to hearing from you again with more details.

  • RaniMRaniM ✭✭

    Jumping in here instead of staring a new thread because I’m having this problem also. Trying to locate a record in the England and Wales, 1871 census which FamilySearch do have access to, but no matter the combination of search parameters it’s not showing up.

    I’m wondering if it’s connected to the change over to the new search interface as I have seen a number of other similar issues regarding missing records in the search results being reported since the change.

    Im looking for:

    John Rosser, b.1809 (circa) residing in Llangibby, Monmouthshire, Wales, occupation: Agricultural Labourer (Ag Lab). Other household members: George Rosser (son), Eleanor Rosser (daughter), Anne Phillips (granddaughter).

    Searches for all these individuals returns zero results (including name variants etc), likewise searching for general results for Llangibby, Monmouthshire, Wales in the 1871 census return nothing, it seems the entire town is missing, and yet it is the first hit on Ancestry.

    It would be great to be able to search census records using Household schedule number:(13) Piece: (5337) Folio: (5) and Page number: (3) which appear in the record (if you can locate it!) but you can’t actually search for a record using those details.

    Any help appreciated!

  • There is something funky going on with access rights for the 1871 England and Wales census: some places have gone invisible to non-LDS users. (See for example

  • RaniMRaniM ✭✭

    Thanks @Julia Szent-Györgyi for clarifying. Since posting I’ve been having the same issue with locating other records in the 1871 England and Wales Census other than the one I posted about, and had come to a similar conclusion. It’s seems access to a huge portion of those records has been removed. Hugely frustrating, I hope it gets sorted swiftly.

  • FWIW RG10 1626 is invisible to the search engine

    Normally when I can't find the census record (which I already know exists) to attach to a person, I look for someone else on the same sheet, and then get their film number, then search within the film number until I find the target person under some bizarre contortion of the name or birth place. Sometimes I find a whole page or more is missing from FS accessible records.

    When I try to search the UK 1871 collection with any name in RG10 1626, the search inevitably returns zero matches. Clearly it's broken.

    I suspect that the entire book is cross-linked in some other collection and is now only visible when viewed from outside the solar system, between 8:00 and 8:30 am, on a Tuesday when there's a Q in the month.

    If only we had a method of searching by reference !

  • RaniMRaniM ✭✭

    Hah! And only on a leap year!

    I implement the same technique of searching for others on the sheet, which I find is generally pretty good for locating records with transcription errors, but no luck this time. It’s seems all of RG10 5337 and RG10 5350 are also missing or access restricted like RG10 1626, I’m not sure which.

    A quick look through the QandA threads seem to suggest this has been an ongoing issue since at least 2019 and might be a bug to do with permissions from Find My Past. So it seems the records should be accessible but aren’t. Obviously the issue still hasn’t been resolved since then.

    Hopefully the Mods can report the that the issue is ongoing to the tech team and give it a signal boost so it can finally be resolved.

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