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'Copy id' no longer includes the hyperlink?

edited September 12 in Family Tree

I use the copy id function in the person view, on the location as shown below, to paste the id code as text plus hyperlink in an Excel file genealogical overview. This is extremely convenient because I can then with one click in my Excel file directly access that particular person overview page in FamilySearch, perfect integration.

But since a couple of days this does not seem to work anymore: I can only copy in the text, but not the hyperlink as before (or in other words, the copy id button no longer includes the hyperlink when clicking it). Has something been changed in FamilySearch in this regard? And if so, would it be possible to quickly restore the old situation? This is really a big step backwards in ease of use and functionality of the otherwise excellent website!

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  • Paul WPaul W ✭✭✭
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    Hopefully, one of the moderators will be able to assist in getting this problem passed to the section who can remedy the matter.

    The problem can be that some moderators will advise you should have posted this to the Family Tree section of "Ideas", whereas others are willing to escalate these issues if posted here (in Q and A).

    Over the years, I have found it quite common for reports like yours not to receive any direct acknowledgment, but fixes have usually (eventually) been applied.


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