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Belgium, Luxembourg, and The Netherlands

This community is for those seeking to receive help, share resources, and/ or connect with other individuals doing research for ancestors in Belgium, Luxembourg, and The Netherlands

Belgian Names: meanings

Pronounce Dutch names

Luxembourg: gazetteer

List of Belgian Surnames

Dutch letters A-M

Dutch letters N-Z

Old German script videos (beginner level)

Dutch letter charts

Latin Abbreviations-Capelli book

Latin Abbreviations-Chassant

Belgium: National Archives

Netherlands: WieWasWie Index

Netherlands: Open Archives indexes

Belgium: Open Archives indexes

Luxembourg: FS Civil registration collections

Netherlands: Archive Websites

Netherlands: Gazetteer

Belgium: FS Wiki page

Neth: Delpher Newspaper and Books Collection

Netherlands: FS Wiki page

Dutch Genealogical Word List

French Genealogical Word List

German Genealogical Word List

Latin Genealogical Word List

Google Maps

Google Translate



Belgium FS Hst Records

Luxembourg FS Hst Records

Netherlands FS Hst Records


Netherlands Surname database & maps

Netherlands Given name database

Belgium: Surname distribution maps

Neth: Family Tree Forum resources

Belg: Family Tree Forum resources

Amsterdam Archive Indexes

Hollandse Genealogische Databank

Frisian Names book

Dutch Names handout

watstaatdaer-Dutch handwriting

Netherlands: Geneal-Archives, online records

The Catholic Encyclopedia

Fuzzy Gazetteer ISODP

Luxembourg American Cultural Society and Center

Genealogical dictionary

Godefroy Old French Dictionary

Luxembourg Genealogy Links

Netherlands Genealogy Links


Learn to Read Dutch Records

Dutch letter charts

Dutch letters A-M

Dutch letters N-Z

Learn old German script videos


Watstaatdaer-Dutch handwriting

Dutch Genealogical Word List

Genealogical dictionary

Genealogisch woordenboek

Godefroy Old French Dictionary

Historische woordenboeken op internet

French Genealogical Word List

German Genealogical Word List

Latin Dictionary

Latin Genealogical Word List

Family Search Catalog

Google Maps,-111.8836687,21z

Google Translate

Webinars from Family History Library

Maps of US and Europe

Catholic Encyclopedia

Latin Abbreviations

Latin Abbreviations

The Netherlands How-To Guides

Netherlands Family History

How to Use WieWasWie

Dutch and Belgian Archives

Netherlands Wiki


Netherlands Genealogy

Family History Resources for the Netherlands

Data Base of Surnames in the Netherlands

Netherlands Delpher

Netherlands Family Tree Forum

Common First Names in the Netherlands

Links to Dutch Archives

Index of Amsterdam Archives

Holland Genealogy Data Bank

Personal Names in the Netherlands

Origin of Names in the Netherlands

Netherlands Genealogy

Atlas of the Netherlands

Municipal Reorganizations in the Netherlands

Netherlands Archive for News, Soldiers, Family Member

Netherlands Archives

Topographical Maps of Netherlands 1815-2020

Brabant History

Netherlands Archive

Overijssel Archives

Zeeuws Archive

HISGIS Time Machine-History

Netherlands Genealogy Data Base

Dutch Cousins

Belgium State Archives

Regional History of Central Limburg

Belgian and Dutch Archives

Belgium Family Search

Belgium Wiki Links

Belgium Genealogy Links

Luxembourg Gazetteer,_Abraham_Jacob._Aardrijkskundig_Woordenboek_der_Nederlanden#Volumes

Belgian Surnames

Belgian Names and their Meaning

Old German Script Video

Pronounce Dutch-language tutorial

Luxembourg Civil Registry

Luxembourg Historical Records

Luxembourg Genealogy - Luxemburgischer Familiennamenatlas

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