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Syncing Issue

edited October 26 in Other

I have had several issues with signing in issue with Family Search in recent times. I have contacted the Accounts Management area and explained the situation. I try to sign in and a message comes up that my password is incorrect. It is not. I reenter the password, and get same message. I request a number from the system and enter that number and it allows me to enter a new password. I do so and when I try to sign in again it states that the password is incorrect. I then try to reenter that password as a new password and it states that that password has been used too many times (it has only just been created). I then create a new password after entering new number given by the system, and the same thing happens again.

I then contacted your office and explain the situation, and after some tries the system lets me in. I then tried to sign in today and got the same message - password incorrect -but it is not incorrect. The system seems to be the problem. What needs to be done to correct it?



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