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Dennis J YanceyDennis J Yancey ✭✭✭✭
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What is the most efficient and correct way to report BUGS in the system?

I mean it seems like this IDEAS section is one option - and thats great! 😀

BUT how do we ensure such a report actually made it to the developers or engineers (or to whoever bugs need to be reported to?) and at least some assuance that it was placed on some bug list.

I mean - I get it - that we cant expect some sort of onging report of bug status or event a guarantee when/if it will be resolved and when the fix goes live (although in a perfect world that would be nice <dreaming>)

BUT as a bare minimum - how can we simply be assured the issue was reported to the right people . . . (not just the missionaries or group leaders) - but some assurance the bug was reported to engineers?

Or is that asking too much . . . . ???

Im referring to blatant bugs and flaws - where things are very obviously just plain broke - - and not just wish lists or confusion on how something works . . . (though I realize some people dont differentiate)

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