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a year's worth of indiana marriages have the wrong year because the clerk wrote the numbers oddly

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see, for example the marriage records on this page: (record is at and image is at

they all look quite clearly to be events in the year "1907", and were dutifully extracted as such. But that didn't seem right to me because I had another source for the same marriage that gave 1901, so I looked further. Moving forward through that file of marriage records to the next year (see image 172), lo and behold, it's 1902! In fact, the last of the "1907" ones showed license in that year, and the marriage in 1902! proving that the apparently-1907 entries were really all 1901. Interestingly, the same clerk has some records for the same event that clearly show 1901 in one field and the mistaken 1907 in another (see image 120). So that clerk just happened to write his 1s with a leftward side, or dragged the pen across before making the vertical, or something that resulted in his 1s looking like 7s. In fact, it looks like a ligature, a combination of characters, but the combining ink makes the number look like something it's not. But the whole year, many records, is a problem--and can't be edit-corrected.

citation for the record that started this quest: "Indiana Marriages, 1811-2019," database with images, FamilySearch ( : 21 January 2016), Warrick > 1899-1902 Volume 10 > image 160 of 182; Indiana Commission on Public Records, Indianapolis.



  • @brs Thank you for reporting the error in date in the Indiana Marriages collection. And for your thorough detective work to confirm what the correct date is. We will forward this issue to a team of specialists for investigation and correction. You could be contacted by a member of that team for additional information.

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