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FEEDBACK OPTIONS - for issues needing imeediate response - how????

In older versions of FamilySearch - there were Feedback options that created CASES - as well as links to report ABUSE as well as links for help in resolving access issues

what is the current MOST EFFICIENT method for reporting things like the following - and get quick action from the right people at FS that can actually take action

reporting of abuse

reporting of vulgariity

reporting of phishing

reporting of cyber bullying

reporting of parts of Familysearch - totally down and non functional

needs to merge accounts

need to deactiavte accounts

need to reactivate accounts

security related issue


  • 886EZL886EZL mod
    edited July 21

    Dear Dennis,

    Your question includes multiple questions, so we will attempt to answer all of them...

    1) The following article will guide you to the Person Page in Family Tree where you can report abuse:

    2) Resolving Access issues: This article will help with "forgot username or password" issues.

    3) Delete account: This article tells you how you can delete your own account.

    4) Getting quick action from the right people at FamilySearch:

    The Community is FamilySearch's new way to provide assistance to our guests. You can post a question in Q&A and then choose a category and ask a question. We are constantly watching for your questions. We are able to transfer or "escalate" your question to internal teams that handle the more complicated issues. We will send you private messages if we need to request personal information. Please be careful to only give personal information to a contact name with "Mod" next to it in the private forum. FamilySearch no longer creates "cases" but we continue to help you as quickly as possible.

    Each of the articles posted above can be found at the Help Center (the question mark in a circle at the top right of or

    Great questions!

  • Dennis J YanceyDennis J Yancey ✭✭✭✭
    edited July 21

    thanks for the answers

    my question is more what is FS doing to ensure people EASILY and QUICKLY know what to do and how to raise these issues and get timely repsonse.

    you cant just expect people to go look in the help link - and thats it.

    we used to have a FEEDBACK and ABUSE LINKS that were "in your face" (for good reason)

    now we simply have a feedback option that dumps people in the community - usually with no guidance at all what they need to do to report an urgent issue

  • 886EZL886EZL mod
    edited July 21

    The "Report Abuse" option on the person page will bring up this pop-out box:

    It is a form to fill out and will go directly to the team that works with these types of issues.

    Feedback is different from "Abuse." Feedback is where you give your ideas, suggestions and compliments to FamilySearch. These ideas can best be posted in Community under "ideas" on the left side. Ideas are less urgent than "Abuse." But we are constantly watching all of the Community posts and answering the questions as personally and as quickly as we can.

    We have noticed that you have asked this same question in the "Other" category. Posting your questions in more than one category just creates more work for us and slows down the process. Please choose one category for your question. If it gets put into the wrong category we will move it for you and we will send you a private message to let you know.

    Thanks for your dialog and patience with us.

  • Additional comment...At FamilySearch Support we have always tried to teach our guests "how to fish." In other words, with each phone call or email we teach our guests about the Help Center so they can try to find the answers for themselves.

    Today, we are also teaching our guests about this Community. Although posting in a public forum does not give an immediate answer, we are constantly watching for the new questions and answering each one as quickly as possible.

    Thank you for your patience and comments.

  • Dennis J YanceyDennis J Yancey ✭✭✭✭

    Thanks for pointing out Report Abuse

    but I sure thought Report Abuse - used to be much more widespread - than ONLY on the Person record

    surely there are cases of abuse outside of Family Tree Person records.

  • Dennis J YanceyDennis J Yancey ✭✭✭✭
    edited July 21

    I totally agree with the "teach how to fish" in principle

    BUT you also have to have a system - that is intuitive to use

    you can have a system that has all the right procedures documents, all the right policies and procedures in place. - it all looks great on paper

    BUT if it is not intuitive - you will forever and etenity be struggling to teach people how to fish.

    Rather - guide your design and procedures based on an intuitive approach. and an intuitive user interface (and consider changing it if it is not intuitive)

    Example: People dont take classes on how to order a book on Amazon - they log on and the interface is intuitive enough that they figure it out on the fly.

    Reporting Abuse and other items that need immediate attention - are things that a person should not need to take a class on - they should be so in your face and intuitive that few needs a training course.

    other things that dont need immediate action - can rely more on "teaching people how to fish" option.

  • Please click on the article link above about Reporting Abuse (Report offensive comments) to learn more about all the different places where you can report abuse.

  • Thanks for your comments on the system needing to be intuitive. These suggestions would be great to post in "Ideas" on the left side of Community.

  • Dennis J YanceyDennis J Yancey ✭✭✭✭
    edited July 21

    I will

    again - it wasnt that I needed all the details of these questions

    I just want to be a voice for the many people that get totally frustrated - because they have a specific need - that can not be resolved without a FS support with admin rights (which are few)

    I just wish there was ONE in your face - entry point - for all these type of questions that totally need an admin

    having the person go look in Help Center - is not the answer.

    and simply dumping people in the community with no guidance and with a PLETHORA of splintered groups/categories - just totally overwhelms them.

    and then you have fellow FS users making their own comments - sometimes totally off subject or off point

    when it really should be just the user and an admin.

    I wish there was just a category where the only people who can respond are admins - and ways in which each comment is private to itself.

  • Dennis J YanceyDennis J Yancey ✭✭✭✭

    and with the double posting on different categories . . . well what can you expect with IDEAS, Q/A, GROUPS a plethora of different options . .

    BUT YES - I will try to avoid double posting of items like this that only need one set of answers.

    I get you . . .

  • Thanks. I appreciate your comments.

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