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  • Before the new update on the FamilySearch Community, I would receive emails of the discussions that I have joined. Since the update, I no longer receive any emails on the groups. How do I correct that?

  • edited August 3

    Have you checked your preferences under settings: 😊

  • Brett .Brett . ✭✭✭✭
    edited August 3

    @Sharon Lamb_1

    Sharon ( "Moderator" )


    In this "Community.FamilySearch" Forum ...

    I have ALL, My "Notification Preferences"; as, "Checked" (ie. "Ticked") ...

    [ And, have had such, from the beginning ... ]

    And ...

    I still, DO NOT, get any notifications, from/through either,

    (1) "E-mails"; or,

    (2) "Pop-Ups" (in/through the Forum, itself),

    when, there have been NEW, 'Questions'/'Posts'/'Polls'/'Announcements', in ANY of the 'Groups' in this Forum, for which I am a member.

    Just so you are aware.

    Whereas ...

    On the other hand ...

    I certainly, DO, get notifications, by/through either,

    (1) "E-mails"; or,

    (2) ("In-Line) "Pop-Ups", on the screen/page (in/through the Forum, itself),

    when, ANY 'Posts' that I have had INTERACTION with, in ALL the Parts [ie. "Q and A"; "Groups"; "Ideas"; and, ("Private') "Messages"] of this Form

    Humbly submitted for your, information; attention; and, consideration.


    Attention: @Mark McLemore

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