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For the past year I have been processing record hints in the Saar district of Germany, and using them to create families and pedigrees. Because the records for the diocese of Trier have been indexed, it has not been uncommon for new record hints to appear as I create records from existing record hints. For example, once the parents' marriage is recorded in familysearch, record hints for the births, marriages and deaths of their children appear.

In the past week I have noticed that the number of record hints has dropped dramatically. I have also noticed that there are potential associated records for these people -- because when I open the search feature and do a search for the parents, the records for the births, marriages, and deaths of their children appear on the listing presented. But why there are no record hints for these items is a mystery to me.

Is there a way we can get back to what was happening before, or another workaround? Having to use the search feature to get the record hints is cumbersome and time consuming.

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  • Paul WPaul W ✭✭✭
    edited June 11

    How this algorithm works is rather mysterious. Sometimes I find a hint on the page of the parent, but not on the page of the individual to whom the event directly applies!

    In general, I am not too enthusiastic about the record hints that appear on the person pages. They are often totally unconnected to the individual concerned, but many users will attach sources / merge individuals, regardless. I get more satisfaction in finding sources the "hard way" - i.e. carrying out my own searches, both on the FamilySearch site and elsewhere. But, mainly, I just don't like the consequences of reasonably convincing hints being offered, which are wrong and lead to my relatives' records being totally messed-up.

  • No question about your perspective. I have seen far too many hints attached where they do not belong.

    By the same token, it is very helpful to have the software do some of the heavy lifting to identify possible matches. Having to stop and go looking when I know that the data is out there (somewhere) is time consuming for big projects.

  • During RootsTech 2021 in February there were announcements that the FT hints feature would be changing under the hood to be far more selective. This is good for the novice contributor, not so good for the expert. As most contributors are in the novice category, that is the greatest good.

    RootsTech 2021 sessions are on YouTube for watching now. Can anyone remember who talked about these changes?

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