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How do I add images to files in Family Search. I have Birth Certificates for many individuals that I would like to add

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    @[email protected] You can upload the birth certificate images as Memories and attach the memories as sources. Here is a Help Center article that can help you upload to memories.

    There must be one about using memories as sources, but I'm not finding it. So, here are the steps to use after you get stuff in Memories.

    1. Go to the person's page where you want to use a memory as a source.
    2. Click the Sources tab near the top.
    3. Click Add Source.
    4. Click Add New Memory Source.
    5. Give the source a date and title. Then click Select from Gallery to find your uploaded memory and bring it in as a source. Continue to fill in the fields, and click Save.

    I notice you can actually skip the separate step of uploading the memories first and just use the Upload Memory option when you add the source--probably a quicker solution.


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