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Why do some marriage dates fail to attach to a couple?

Quite often I encounter marriage sources that fail to properly attach to a couple. The source will end up attached to all parties involved (parents of the bride & groom and the bride & groom) but the marriage date and location will fail to be recorded for the bride & groom. This seems to happen for marriage records in a wide range of countries (Canada, the Netherlands, US, England).

My solution is to disconnect and reconnect the source to one and sometimes both partners of a couple. I've encountered some situations where I've had to detach and reattach the marriage to both members of a couple before the marriage date/location "sticks".


  • ChaiChai mod

    thank you for bringing this up, sometimes I see full dates that are not carried over to my Tree part, and I thought that was not unusual. Now that you have given a solution, I will try that.

    Thank you.

    Elder Lim

  • If I see all the named persons in the Marr. Rec. linked to their respective entries, but the date/location do not auto-fill; I'll manually edit this in the details page of one of the couple.

    This happens sometimes when one side of the family is linked up, but the other side is not existant yet in FS. I.E. I've been working on adding a new family into FS by following sources that have people not already in FS. Seen a daughter proven out, created in FS, sourced up w/ family; then a record hint suggests a Marr. Rec. w/ parents (love these!). When I open the source linker page, the husband and his parents are already linked and the marriage date/location that you'd like to have auto populate doesn't move over as the record has already been attached to the other party.

    Tip of the Day: I run a minimum two windows - Details page of the person I'm working on; and a second window showing the "Show All - Record Hints". I run source linker from this second window, and if there's any details that I can clarify or add to over on the Details window of the person I can do that side by side. Bonus - the more complete details you have, the more good sources the computer will find for you!

  • Paul WPaul W ✭✭✭
    edited June 10

    Probably not directly related to this issue, but there are points to be aware of in the carrying across of the marriage detail to the person pages / records of the couple concerned.

    Firstly, when making a merge the event needs to be checked, as you might need to move it across manually.

    Secondly, when contemplating carrying an event across (this is optional) during a source attachment process, it is best to check if an event has already been added. For example, another user might have already added a perfectly correct event detail. If the source (as is often the case) relates to banns or licence detail, the date will probably be earlier on this source than the one already attached, for the actual marriage ceremony event. The affect of attaching this extra event (if it has been indexed - as they often are - as a marriage) will be that this will become the displayed event on the person pages, replacing the correct details.

    I always take care here, preferring to add marriage events manually, as doing otherwise can lead to either duplication (within the couple relationship section) or the display of the marriage-related event (e.g. licence details) on the person page(s).

  • Not a scientific response, but it has appeared to me that the marriage date and place sometimes do not attach if I process them too quickly. Slowing down actually seems to make it work better. (I can't prove that this is true, but the carry over failures seem to occur when I am attaching at top speed.)

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