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Adjusting how I view a batch

My computer does not have a big screen and when I have multiple records in a batch they show up below the record in a shaded area. I rarely even pay attention to that area and it REALLY takes up a lot of room and blocks my view of the record I am working on. For instance, I am working on a US, Beaver County, UT marriages batch. There are 4 records in that batch. The images show up in a shaded area below the record I'm working on and because my screen is small, I have about and inch or so to view the record. I am constantly having to scroll to see what I need. I there a way to hide this part? I know I can put the batch in Form Entry so the image and the form are side by side rather than the table entry which is what I usually use but I really prefer table entry.

Does that make sense what I'm asking?

Would love for someone to know how to adjust this!!


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  • Melissa S HimesMelissa S Himes ✭✭✭
    Accepted Answer

    You can close (or hide) the images by clicking on the Image: 1 of 4 tab just above the box (reminds me of a file folder tab). Then when you are indexing and you have finished an image, you can click on Next Image at the bottom of the entry form. Or you can reopen the image bar by clicking the tab again.

    I will also use Google Translate to provide the translation for the above post in case that fits your scenario. Good afternoon! In the tablet the complete registry is not visualized, since it is configured to be seen in a computer screen, unfortunately for now it is not possible to reduce the size of the data entry in the tablet.

    Thank you!


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