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This isn't a question per se Memories vs. Social Media

I am seeing it more and more. Memories has turned into a Genealogy Social Media. People are posting hundreds of pictures, documents and such that are sorta related to the person tagged in the memory, but are not that person. For example, a birthday card written by a son named Walter when he was 5 years old should NOT be tagged on the grandfather who also was named Walter. Or, a picture of grandchildren should NOT be tagged for the grandmother or grandfather who are NOT in the picture. I have seen family photo's taken years after someone has died tagged for that person simply because their children or grandchildren are in the picture. I have one cousin that has scanned in every concievalbe document and picture and tagged them all to his Mother, and only about 10% actually have his mother in the picture or mentioned in the document. This is getting crazy.

Am I wrong in thinking that a picture of a group of people or any one person should only be tagged with the people in the picture?


  • I agree with your last statement about pictures only being tagged to persons actually in the photo. Some people tag to indicate relationships but the tree takes care of that. So for example a group of children do not need to be tagged to their parents because that is already assumed from the tree relationships. However, scans of inanimate items like a birthday or a photo of knit scarf might need to be tagged to different individuals because of involvement in the associated "event". I know of old canceled checks that contains signatures of deceased grandparents and endorsement by deceased parents and deposited in a childs account. probably should be tagged to all three individuals in Family Tree.

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