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New Issue: Duplicate entries in Standardized Place List

I have used the Fix Place Names tool many, many times. As of today, I'm seeing lots of duplicates, even triplicates in the Standardized Place list. Out of 10 in one batch, 3 or 4 had either duplicates or triplicates. I have never seen this before. Before you ask, they weren't variations based upon different time spans where there is a borough or township, a town or village, and then a city (depending upon a year). They are true duplicates. Here is one I ran into:

Little Chute, Outagamie, Wisconsin, United States

Thanks in advance for addressing.


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    Thank you for alerting us to this issue! In the case of Little Chute, it is a simple and straight-forward duplicate. I have merged the two into one. We (FamilySearch's Authorities Team) will do some investigating and clean up other duplicate entries that we can identify.


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