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Starting another new tree

I have a family tree completed for my maternal and paternal ancestors . I now wish to start a new project on a different branch of relatives.

How do I start . In other words where do I go to get a new blank canvas

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  • Gordon CollettGordon Collett ✭✭✭

    As gasmodels stated, there are no blank canvases in Family Tree, just the one huge mural we are all working on together. If you do add an unconnected person to Family Tree, that is that you do move to a spot on the canvas that doesn't have any paint on it yet, keep in mind that your goal should be to hook that part into the main painting as soon as possible.

    To change analogies, if you add a single leaf to Family Tree, your first goal should be to connect it to the main tree.

    Before you add that new, isolated leaf, be sure to search thoroughly in Family Tree to make sure that person isn't already there.

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