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  • I've noticed in some of my ancestors Discovery Pages there is misinformation. As an example, my grandmother's page (K631-ZMM) it says she was born in Reisterstown, MD when it states on her detail page that she was born in McCoys Ferry, Washington, Maryland, United States. I've noticed others that have inaccuracies like that. How can this be and is there a solution?

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  • So is McCoys Ferry, Washington Maryland US the incorrect location? If so, I suspect it came from the Affidavit of her husband Marlin's birth who was born there. Your grandmother is tagged in that doc as well. I have seen this kind of error as well and not sure how it happens. I try to add comments to the info indicating it is wrong because I am uncomfortable with outright deleting other people's facts.

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    I'm having the same problem with the new discovery person page not matching with detail personal page. My maternal (LTDV-65L) great-grandmother and great uncle (LTDP-XW5) side of the family was born in Castelmauro, Campobasso, Molise, Italy, on the new discovery person page states there were born in Castelluccio Acqua Borrana, Molise, Italy. Also, the Name Meaning section isn't even close to the family name that can be traced back to the mid 1600s. I see tons of other family members not showing correct birth locals and other info on the new discovery person page. Hope they fix the problem...

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    Is there any way to edit or remove incorrect information on the new Discovery Page for an ancestor?? Many of the name meanings which come from the Dictionary of American Names do not apply on the pages where they exist, or they are incorrect. An example is the name meaning for an Italian ancestor which provides a North African (Muslim) name. The same name for Italian ancestors has a different meaning that the one on the Discover Page of the Italian ancestor. It would be helpful to dismiss this type of error since this meaning does not apply for this person.

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