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Can anyone help me with some translation please?

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I have found a document listed on a JRI-P Sarnarki file for a death registration of a man called Joyna Dudaszek. I asked for help on a forum on Facebook, and someone told me the document is in Russian but not easy to follow. He told me that "For the death record, it is akta 4 on the previous page (JRI-P link is incorrect). He died at the age of 82; I don't see the names of parents or survivors". I cannot speak either Polish or Russian and

This is the link the image comes up with. I am also attaching a screen shot of the search result that came up via Jewish Gen

I have been researching my family for about a year now. My great grandfather Mendel Dudack's grave is in London and he is named as son of Jonah on it. Although we have a fair bit of information about Mendel and his family, I cannot find anything at all relating to his parents and siblings. I'm hoping maybe this document may refer to his father's death. I don't need a whole translation - just anything that relates to names of family, or places or dates that might help us in our research. Thank you so much in advance for any help you can give. 😀

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