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Request for more resources for Historical Records

More resources for Historical Records are needed!

I send a request through Support regarding records in the Catalog.

I received a reply which in part said (my change to Uppercase for emphasis)

We have documented the errors and reported them to our records team. We currently have a backlog of corrections regarding our historical records. AS A RESULT, IT COULD TAKE LONGER THAN A YEAR TO CORRECT THE ERRORS.  Since this has been reported, we will close your case. 

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  • Paul WPaul W ✭✭✭


    It would be interesting to know the nature of your request. Did it relate to an incorrect reference or link in the Catlog, or a general problem with an "historical record" being, say. incorrectly titled - i.e. a metadata problem?

    If the problem was one also found in a source, I would have thought a year or so was not unreasonable, judging by past experience of getting these corrected!

  • It was more in the nature of a request for something to happen. However as the reply did not address in any way the matter of my request, (indeed I have no way of knowing it was even understood) I decided that the reply was a standard "pro forma", including the comment that there was a backlog of corrections and it could take longer than a year to correct errors.

    No doubt this back log of corrections is the reason the "Report Errors" button was taken from the bottom of the catalog pages for individual records. You would now only report a catalog error if you knew how to do it.

    To me, it is very strange that after spending what is probably a great amount of money on digitising microfilms, there seems to be no money left to take that small step required to correct things related to catalog details etc, to make sure that these records are then described accurately etc. It's the philosophy of near enough is good enough.

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