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"Recents" Dropdown Menu is inconsistent

The option to add an unconnected person to Family Tree is accessed through the "Recents" dropdown menu. This dropdown menu is inconsistent in format depending on how you access it. This has caused some consternation. The "Recents" dropdown is accessed by first (from the Start page) selecting the 'Family Tree" drop down menu, then selecting one of the 6 submenu options (Overview, Tree, Person, Find, Following, My Contributions). After selecting one of these 6 options, the "Recents" dropdown menu then becomes available. However, the option to "Add Unconnected Person" is only available if you are already in the Tree or Person submenus when you select "Recents". It would seem that this "Recents" dropdown menu ought to be consistent regardless of the submenu that you are in when you access it.

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