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Is there a spreadsheet template for bulk upload of new places?

edited April 7 in Family Tree

I just finished using the Suggest a New Place form to manually submit a couple hundred requests to add (or improve) all the farms and parcels in the Vikøy and Øystese parishes (Norway) as listed in the Ættarbok for Kvam volumes I and II. I’m now going to turn my attention to the farms and parcels in the Lesja area in Oppland (also Norway) as listed in the Bygdebok for Lesja. That’s another couple hundred entries. I’d rather not enter them one at a time if I don’t have to.  My preference would be to put the farms in a CSV file and submit that for consideration and possibly bulk upload.  At a minimum I can provide all the same information that’s on the Suggest a New Place web form.  Better still, depending on the template, I could even include some of the information that’s on the Improve This Place form but not on the Suggest a New Place form, e.g., start year, end year, lat/long.

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