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How to delete strange additions to my tree?

I have just had a look at my tree and have noticed that there are a few odd entries which have nothing to do with my tree, how do I delete them?

These have been added incorrectly by somebody are the connection automatically attached?

THanks for your help.


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    ... what do you mean by "my tree" and "somebody" ???

    Do you realize, that in opposition to other genealogical sites in familysearch it´s a common tree for hole mankind ??

    And at each data you should be able to see when and who changed "your" tree .. If you click on that blue name (and it is not more then around eight years ago) you should be able to communicate with that person and compare your sources ..

    Good luck ..


  • AldineAllenAldineAllen ✭✭
    edited April 4

    If you have documentation or personal knowledge that a person does not belong in your tree, you can click on the Edit Icon

    to the right of their name. It will give you the option to Remove or Replace that person.

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