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How do you search for a users id?

Trying to search for my daughters user id?

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    To assist you further, we need to know if your daughter is still living. If she is still living, then you cannot view her record ID. Family Tree protects the privacy of living people by putting their records in the contributor's private space and restricting who can see the private space. If she is deceased, click on her name on your tree. You will then find her ID number next to her name.


  • She gave me her id but I still can't find her no matter what or she can't find me

  • Hi, Raymond, the link below from FamilySearch to access

    How do I add living relatives to a person in Family Tree?

    • You can add cousins, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, and other living relatives to your private space in Family Tree.

  • Brett .Brett . ✭✭✭

    @Kevin Paul Hines-Hamilton


    Further to what has already been proffered by, 'Wanda'; 'Maurine'; and 'Carolyn'

    FIRSTLY ...

    Just my take ...

    When you are WITH another ("Living") User/Patron, be-it a Family member or not, looking at/in THEIR 'FamilySearch' Account, ...

    Even though you can 'see' that they have a particular 'FamilySearch Person Identifier' (PID) in THEIR 'FamilySearch' Account ...

    You, will NOT be able to 'see' that PID for the other User/Patrons in/through YOUR 'FamilySearch' Account ...

    NOR, will you be able to USE that PID for the other User/Patrons in/through YOUR 'FamilySearch' Account ...

    For ("Living") Users/Patrons of "Family Tree' of 'FamilySearch' (including yourself) their PID is, unique to them; and, can ONLY bee 'seen' by them, in THEIR 'FamilySearch' Account ... 

    "Living" Users/Patrons of "Family Tree" of 'FamilySearch' ARE just like, in fact, just the SAME as, "Living" individuals/persons, in "Family Tree" of 'FamilySearch', that are recorded in our "Private Spaces", of our individual/personal 'FamilySearch' Accounts - they can ONLY be 'seen' by the User/Patron who created them; or, in case of a "Living" User/Patron, by them.

    .As such ...

    For "Living" Users/Patrons, just like "Living" individuals/persons, we HAVE to "Create" a ("Living") DUPLIACTE of them in OUR own respective 'FamilySearch' Accounts, in other words within our respective "Ancestral" Lines in "Family Tree" of 'FamilySearch'.

    And ...

    That said ...

    'Yes' ... they WILL be DUPLIACTES ... but, that is O.K.; and, a necessary fetaure for "Privacy".

    Basically ...

    You and your ("Living") Family members (and, extended Family) have to "Build" a "Bridge" of the "Living" individuals/persons (As "Living" DUPLICATES) that connect/link you together, in your respective 'FamilySearch' Accounts ...

    Once, you and your ("Living") Family members (and, extended Family) have ALL "Built" that "Bridge" of the "Living" (individuals/persons) that connect/link you ALL together (As "Living" DUPLICATES); then, when you ALL come to your FIRST Common "Deceased" Ancestor, your "Ancestral" Lines will connect/link together into one ... 

    I hope this helps, somewhat.


  • Brett .Brett . ✭✭✭

    @Kevin Paul Hines-Hamilton

    SECONDLY ...

    Here an old 'standby' of mine, that I have previously proffered on more than one occasion ...

    Most new (and, some old) Users/Patrons DO NOT understand the basic 'nature' and 'premise' of "Family Tree" of 'FamilySearch', when they join in.

    Please let me explain ...

    [ And, please bear with me; as, I am VERY 'Verbose' ... that is my 'style' ... ]

    We do not have our OWN "Tree" in "Family Tree" of 'FamilySearch'.

    We ONLY have "Branches" (ie. Ancestral" lines), that are interconnected, in this SINGLE "One" World "Tree", for all of us, that is "Family Tree" of 'FamilySearch'.

    "Family Tree" of 'FamilySearch' is NOT like 'On-Line' "Websites" (eg. "Ancestry_com"; or "MyHeritage_com"; or, the like); and/or, 'standalone' personal (computer) programmes (eg, the OLD, now no longer supported, "PAF"; or, "Ancestral Quest"; or, the like).

    We DO NOT have "Private"/"Personal" 'Trees' in "Family Tree" of 'FamilySearch' like other 'On-Line' "Websites"; and/or, 'standalone' personal (computer) programmes.

    We do not even, own; or, manage; and, are NOT even responsible for, the "Deceased" individuals/persons in "Family Tree" of 'FamilySearch'.

    And ...

    As such ...

    Most Importantly ...

    We DO NOT even, own; or, manage; and, are NOT even responsible for, Our OWN "Deceased" Ancestors/Immediate Family/Relatives in "Family Tree" of 'FamilySearch'.

    "Family Tree" of 'FamilySearch' is built on a "Open Edit" Platform - hence, why any registered User/Patron can "Edit" (ie. Add, Delete; and/or, Change) ANY "Deceased" individual/person in "Family Tree" of 'FamilySearch'. 

    You can certainly "Merge"/"Combine" any "Deceased" individual/person in "Family Tree" of 'FamilySearch' with another "Deceased" individual/person in "Family Tree" of 'FamilySearch', regardless of who the User/Patron was that initially created those "Deceased" individuals/persons; as, they DO NOT reside with the User/Patron who initially created them - they are "Public".

    In fact, you can ONLY see "Deceased" individuals/persons in "Family Tree" of 'FamilySearch'; except, with this 'rider', that you can ALSO only see "Living" individual/person in "Family Tree" of 'FamilySearch' that YOU created; as, they reside in your "Private Spaces".

    No other User/Patron can see ANY "Living" individuals/persons that were created by another User/Patron; as, they ONLY reside in the "Private Spaces" of the User/Patron who created them.

    We CANNOT even see the ACTUAL Record in "Family Tree" of 'FamilySearch' of our IMMEDIATE Family (eg. Spouse; Children; Parents; Siblings; ETC; Etc; etc) if they are "Living"; and, they have their own 'FamilySearch' Account.

    Of course, you can create your "Living" Family members; and, record them in "Family Tree" of 'FamilySearch'; but, they will ONLY be seen by you:

    ▬ You cannot "Share" them with any other User/Patron.

    ▬ You cannot "Merge"/'Combine" them with any other "Living" individual/person residing in the "Private Spaces" of another User//Patron.

    There is CURRENTLY no mechanism in "Family Tree" of 'FamilySearch' for Users/Patrons, to "Share"; or, "give permission" to "Share", the "Living" individuals/persons in their own "Private Spaces" with/between other/another User(s)/Patron(s).

    There are a myriad of "Privacy" Laws within the many various Countries and Unions throughout the World - it is a nightmare to negotiate.

    "Family Tree" of 'FamilySearch' is used in many Countries and Unions throughout the World; and, as such, must adhere to the myriad of "Privacy" Laws throughout the World.

    Hence, "Privacy" is one of the reasons that we cannot "Share" the "Living" individuals/persons in our own "Private Spaces" - it is NOT the ONLY reason; but, certainly has a bearing on the matter.

    Another factor is that such would have to be 'Coded'/'Programmed' into the Programme that is "Family Tree" of 'FamilySearch'.

    'Yes', these "Living" individuals/person in "Family Tree" of 'FamilySearch' WILL, in fact, in many (most) cases will be "Duplicated" - unfortunately a necessary situation that currently cannot be avoided.

    I know that there are "Duplicates" of the "Living" ME - at least, one for my Wife and each of our Children, not to mention my other ("Living") extended Family members.

    Here are some "Knowledge Articles" in 'FamilySearch' in regard to "Private Spaces" and "Living" individuals/persons:

    Who can see my living relatives in Family Tree?

    How does Family Tree protect the privacy of living people?

    What Family Tree features are available in my private space?

    Can my living relatives share a Family Tree private space to work together?

    Can I transfer my Family Tree private space to another user?

    Here is a good place to start, with how things work in "Family Tree" of 'FamilySearch' (and, other programmes as well):



    "Family Tree"

    Getting Started with Family History

    Here are the main things you need to know as you get started

    How to Use the Family Tree

    What is The Family History Guide?

    The Family History Guide


    About The Family History Guide

    The Family History Guide

    Again, I hope this helps, somewhat.


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