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My friend has physical family records. Should he start his tree from scratch?

I know some people have family trees already but they haven't connected with them yet. I don't know if my friend needs to find if he has a family tree already (and if he does, how does he do that?) or maybe he needs to just create his own family tree based on the records he has.


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  • AldineAllenAldineAllen ✭✭
    Accepted Answer

    What a great question! Each of us has to start our own tree, but once we input those who are deceased, the computer will search to see if that person is already in the tree. If that person is found, that person and all of the deceased relatives of that person will be automatically added to our tree. Thank you for being a part of the Community!

  • Accepted Answer

    I might suggest that your friend register with FamilySearch and when signed in click on "Family Tree" and then "Overview", which will explain the Tree and the process. It would also be helpful for them to have their questions answered by clicking on the round circle with the question mark and going to "Help Center" and clicking on "Family Tree".


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