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Problem with community on an iPad

We have received some reports of users having trouble using the community on an iPad. I am throwing this out to see if someone can help us resolve the issue. It seems when users are using Safari the community reloads and kicks them back to the top of the screen. I think it is possible a setting in Safari. I am wondering if anyone has suggestions on what we might need to do to solve this problem?

For those who want to get around this problem it does not seem to present itself is you use another browser like Chrome on your iPad.


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    I experienced this. When on iOS Safari, any navigation on the page (scrolling) causes the page to refresh. Safari would briefly display a large gray gear before the page refresh would occur (See screen shot).

    I switched to another browser (both iOS Chrome and Edge) and they do not have the same issue. I went into the Safari settings and disabled most of the security settings, turned features on/off, and cleared history and cookies to see if I could pinpoint it. Nothing resolved it. iOS Safari continues to reload on navigation.

  • Oh my heavens, YES! I thought I was going crazy trying to create a new discussion. Had to hop onto the main computer to try to get my question answered.

  • John EmpolitiJohn Empoliti ✭✭✭
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    Chrome for IOS has solved the continual Refresh problem on my iPad, but I cannot see the bell or envelope icons on it and have had to resort to bookmarks to get to my Inbox and see my messages. I'll post a screenshot when I am back on the iPad.

    Also, when I open Indexing Chat, all of the resources that are hidden by the slider bar on my PC ALL show so I have to scroll down a few pages to get to the actual chats. And this also happens every time I "go back" to the group from an individual chat. It's annoying over time and inefficient. I wish that some sort of dropdown or another interface could hide all that useful (but not to me all the time) on an iPad.

    Here is a screenshot from my iPad. No envelope and no bell. Chrome for IOS is the Browser

  • John EmpolitiJohn Empoliti ✭✭✭
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    So far, I recommend IOS Chrome. It seems stable. But I still don’t see the envelope and bell icons. I don’t know if it’s a setting in Safari, or a more intrinsic issue with Safari that’s causing the refresh problem. I believe that Melissa Himes has had some Community problems with Safari on her Mac. I have reached out to her to find out if those issues have resolved, and if so, how.

    UPDATE ON THE IOS-SAFARI CONTINUAL REFRESH PROBLEM: Melissa Himes no longer has that Safari continual refresh problem on her Mac, and she didn’t do anything special to resolve it.

    I found complaints online going back to 2015 about this issue in other contexts obviously, and it (the buffering/continual refreshing) is often attributed to lack of RAM on the subject iPad or an older device with maybe a “tired” chip, or too many apps running. But, I had the problem on my 2016 iPad Pro 9.7” (2 GB Ram). my 2019 iPhone 11 (3 GB Ram), and even my brand new 2020/21 iPad Pro 12.9” (6 GB Ram) - even when Safari was the only app running and the Community was the only tab open. So it’s an IOS-Safari issue broader than just an iPad. But it still may be that Safari is having some sort of “perceived” memory problem with the Community. And what are the other IOS browsers doing differently that makes the problem not appear?

  • Strange test, as i could not post a hyperlink on previous attempts; always a comment returns

    "your comment will appear after it is approved"

    Only to make a suggestion to disable "suggestions" in the Safari browser on I-Pad.

    The link was about a way to do this.Without the hyperlink => posting works.

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    @John Empoliti

    I'm using Android, and I don't see the envelope or bell either. If I click on my profile picture, I can see them. I added some screenshots to show you. I don't know if it works the same way on an iPad, bit I hope this helps.

  • Yes @Hannah Walker Jenkins That what I see (and don't see - no bell and no envelope). I hope that someone is working on fixing this issue, among other problems unique to non-PC and non-Mac devices.

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    l see both the bell & envelope

    I have no problems using Community on IPad Pro iOS Safari 14.2

  • Thanks Jessie. I think they've fixed that. I was able to see the bell. I'm using Chrome, but I'm glad that Safari is working now.

  • @Hannah Walker Jenkins This was by design. The bell and the envelope are not supposed to show on smaller platforms until you expand the profile. This design decision is because of the limited space.

  • OK. Thanks Hannah.

  • John EmpolitiJohn Empoliti ✭✭✭
    edited April 12

    Hannah, please ask them to do something like the display on a Desktop PC/Mac (the slider) to compress the Resources Info on the Indexing Chat page. It’s a pain to have to scroll through it all the time. Thanks.

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