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Hello and welcome to FamilySearch Community!

edited June 22 in Community News

Hello Friends! We are happy you've joined us and hope you will explore the new look and feel of our community platform.

How to Use FamilySearch Community is your go-to place for an overview of the new community. Whether you are brand new to FamilySearch Community or already belong to one of our community groups, take a few minutes to discover the Navigation Bar on the left side of the page. Watch for upcoming posts, such as How To's, WHAT IS THIS? and New Feature!, to learn more about a topic or feature. Be sure to give us your feedback in the FamilySearch Community page found in Ideas.

Most of all, we hope you will have fun gathering knowledge, sharing information, attending interesting events, and connecting with friendly and helpful community members to further your family history and genealogy research.


  • Are my personal groups gone? What about my previous posts?

  • @Carol Williams_20 your previous posts will take time to migrate over from the old platform. have you searched the groups as in All groups to find them? if any are missing please let me know! Glad you are here!

  • Dennis J YanceyDennis J Yancey ✭✭✭✭

    "Welcome" . . .

    not exactly the welcome I was hoping for . . . rather, better said, not the functioning community that I was hoping we would have 2 weeks later. I and so many others, dont even know where to begin to voice our concerns . . .

  • @Dennis J Yancey This new platform is definitely a work in progress... it has a grand potential and I love the vision of where we can go with this new set-up. Thanks for your patience and wonderful contributions to the Community!

    Ideas in the left column is a new area - a great place to give input on things you want to see available, changed, improved...

    It may be helpful to know a few of the reasons Family Search made the change to the new community platform. First reason that we needed to make a change is traffic - Over a million people participated in RootsTech, from all around the world. The new site has capacity to handle the huge increase we are experiencing in the family history community - this new platform is sustainable and scalable. In this new platform we have so much room to grow, so much potential. This platform offers a more collaborative experience and more engaging capacity. The Community hub will allow us to engage in activities and initiatives. We can share events - recorded, live, with other organizations. This new platform also has a much larger help center capacity. The idea is to handle a large audience in virtual family history - to empower and facilitate worldwide. I feel confident that with time, patience and all of our contributions - this site will grow to be amazing! Thanks again for caring and please add your ideas in the Ideas section... the project manager and engineers are looking for input on ways to grow and improve!

    Enjoy today! Cindy Jarvis

  • Dennis J YanceyDennis J Yancey ✭✭✭✭
    edited March 31

    Yes - it surely has potential

    How soon we can get to that potential will require all of us working together - and at the moment is still pretty unclear.

    There are concerns though about the number of people who may have just given up its use - due to the isuses at hand. or the people that seemed to have just been "dropped" from groups.

    But we move onward and forward. I do agree it has great potential and we all need to be patient and work together.

  • too many steps to find if my question has been answered. Way too complicated. Please make it easier.

    Do not tell me it is easy.

    Just make it easy.

    A few clicks and I should be there. Not!

  • BJC1234BJC1234
    edited April 5

    Ok, everything has changed. Do I have to sign in now when I'm already signed into FamilySearch?

    I have a question, so I'll ask it here.

    I created this chart a few weeks back, but I can't remember how I did it, can anyone remind me?

  • Where have group notification settings gone? I have stopped getting notifications and I use that pretty exclusively to go interact. I can't find where I can reset my weekly or daily digests for each group.

  • Hello dear user. Here's how to make your pedigree illustrated. All you have to do is open "Familysearch" then click on "activities" then "where I come from" and then click on the various ascendants you want. Happy rediscovering your illustrated ancestry.

  • Hello dear user. Here's how to make your pedigree illustrated. All you have to do is open "Familysearch" then click on "activities" then "where I come from" and then click on the various ascendants you want. Happy rediscovering your illustrated ancestry.

  • Next Question.

    I know in Canada, some times children's birth's weren't registered, then when men signed up for WWI, they had to create a delayed birth record, which was file under the year of birth, not year of registration.

    I am looking for a birth record for a man born in 1902 Wales, it seems his parent's weren't married. If his birth registration was delayed until his enlistment, what year would it show up in the registers 1902 or when he actually registered or did they bother with delayed registrations in Wales?


  • @BJC1234

    I would love it if you would post your last question in the Wales Research Community Group. There are some great people there with a lot of knowledge specifically in Wales research.

  • @Gail S Watson

    From what I have read in other posts, the weekly notification digest is not a current feature in this new system.

    If you click on the bell near your avatar or picture in the upper right corner of the Community screen, a menu will appear. Click on the three lines in the upper right of that menu box and it will take you to your notification settings. Those are all the options you have.

    One thing I have found useful in this new system is to bookmark certain discussions and then I can always refer back to them and see if there are new posts there.

  • Thank you for that. That is brilliant. I know some young people (and some not so young as well) who will enjoy having a go at following their tree like that.

  • I have been trying to conduct searches for the past couple of days (I have always done this successfully in the past) and as soon as I click on a document there is no content there. Why is this suddenly happening? Is it happening to anyone else?

  • @Elizabeth Mary Hammond

    Can you be a bit more specific? Where are you researching? What documents are you trying to open?

    When documents say there is no contact, one of the first things I try is to clear my cache and cookies on my computer. It will require you to log in again, but it's worth it! When researching, we pull up so many pages and the RAM gets overloaded and the computer doesn't want to open documents and other files. Over 90% of the time, that will solve your problem. If you do not know how to clear the cache and cookies, do a simple Google search. The instructions are very easy to follow. If that does not help, please respond with specific web sites you are on and what you are trying to open.

  • Hey Everybody so I am brand new to doing the family history names for my own family tree. On my Cambodian side all I have for information is the name, birth year, and death year of my ancestors due to lack of information and destruction of records during the wars in the 1970s. Is that all I need to do their work? Or can I not do anything with only that information? I am not really sure what to do because I am pretty certain the app requires more information to print out a temple card

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