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FamilyTree iPad app not saving “Reason this information is correct” text.

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edited July 7 in Mobile
David Craig said: Has anyone been experiencing problems with the Familytree app on an IPad failing to save text entered into the “Reason this information is correct” dialog boxes?
For about the past 5 months I have been experiencing problems using the app in this way. It will update the changed data fields but then not save the entered justification text.

if I re-access the edit mode for updating the entries and retype the justification and hit save, it ignores everything I just re-entered.

The only way I can get the text to be saved is by logging into FamilySearch using the Safari Browser and using the browser version of the software.

FamilySearch suggested resetting/clearing the Safari browsing history, but this has no effect on the performance of the standalone FamilyTree app.

As I document my changes fairly heavily, it is most frustrating.

FamilySearch indicate that no one else has reported this problem.

I have deleted the app and re-installed the latest version available in the App Store, but all to no avail. The problem persists.

iPad IOS is religiously updated, currently running IOS 14 for the IPad Air 2.

Has anyone else been experiencing similar problems with the app?


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