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How can I get help for errors on family tree

edited October 14 in Family Tree

There are situations where families are repeated and wrong people are entered. Please help me to reorganise the family groups so that there are no errors


  • You can get an online zoom consultation . Choose Getting Started with Family Search and provide info of one of the families you want to correct. Here is a link:

  • Hi David Hewson,

    It sounds like you may have a looping pedigree in your portion of the Family Tree. You mentioned that families are repeated.  A looping pedigree shows a person as both as the child and ancestor of another person in Family Tree. Loops can happen, for example, when a son is linked into Family Tree as his own grandfather. Move back on your family tree starting with yourself to where you first see this mistake. Then you want to delete the incorrect parent-child relationship. Here are the steps:

    Steps (website)

    1. Click the name of the person showing incorrectly as a child. The summary card appears.
    2. Click Person on the summary card. 
    3. Scroll to the Family Members section.
    4. Under the heading Parents and Siblings (right column), locate the person who appears incorrectly as a child. (If you do not see any children below the couple, click Children to display them.)
    5. To the right of the incorrect child, click the pencil icon. A pop-up appears.
    6. In the Child section, click Remove or Replace
    7. Click the check box next to "I have reviewed the relationships, sources, and notes for these individuals." 
    8. Click Remove Parents.
    9. Enter a reason, and then click Remove.
    10. To verify that you solved the problem, click View Tree. If not, the person could show more than one set of parents. Repeat the steps.

    Here is a link to the article from our Help Center which also shows how to correct this in a mobile device:

    If we have misunderstood your issue, please feel free to clarify and perhaps give us the name and ID number of a wrong person who is entered. We wish you success in correcting your family tree!

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