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While in our Family History Center, can I go to Ancestry, MyHeritage, etc., directly from the source url, on the PERSON page, or must I sign in to my other account ? That is, if I am in Family Search and look at SOURCES and find, for example, Ancestry as a source, if I click on the ancestry url, I am prompted to sign in to my Ancestry account to see the document. I thought at the Center we had direct access to our partner sites.



  • Access to the partner sites is via the FHC Portal, which is outside FamilySearch. This is where the institutional accounts are held. But normally if you are signed in to FamilySearch on a FHC computer, it will give you a choice of your own Ancestry account or the institutional account, on the righthand side of the page.

  • Thank you, Norm, for your quick response.

    I tried using institutional account as an option but wasn't successful. I will go back tomorrow and try again and let you know.


  • Accessing the premium web sites is a little different now. A guest needs to open the portal and the desired premium web site before they try to access the premium web site through their personal FS account.

    1. Open a browser. The Portal and FamilySearch are in the first two tabs.

    2. From the Portal go to Premium Web sites. The Premium Web Sites page loads

    3. Click on the web site to be used. That Premium Site loads. Sign in. (Currently, this should work for

    Ancestry and MyHeritage, but experiments indicate that it may work for FindMyPast.)

    4. From FamilySearch (the second tab), sign in.

    5. In FamilySearch, navigate to a person page.

    6. From the personal page, click to search on the institution or library editions. (Note that

    FindMyPast might work here as well, but only Ancestry and MyHeritage are supposed to work.)

    7. Because you have logged into "Ancestry" from the Premium Websites page, when you click on

    Ancestry Institutional from your account and the persons detail page you are working, it should

    open another tab, which should be logged now as FamilySearch Center.

  • Genbug, thanks to you as well for a quick response. I will go to our center today and follow your detailed instructions and report back as to my success.


  • Genbug, I tried to follow your instructions, but I wasn't successful...doubtless the problem on this end.

    Specifically, you mention two tabs; I must be missing them.

    I encountered prompts concerning "browser extensions" that confused me.

    If you are willing, try me again; I will keep working in accessing our premier sites.


  • @WatsonVictorBurnell1

    Opening two tabs is when there are more than one tab (option for a different website) at the top of your

    browser. If one tab is open to, open the second one (click on the "+" to the left of the tab showing A new tab opens up, then go to the familysearch portal and open the premium websites. If you use the right click you can open them in new tabs and open all of the premium sites you wish to use. Usually at our center this works. Leave the tabs open at the top, just navigate back to your original tab and work from there. When you click to open a source in ancestry or findmypast, the computer "knows" you are signed in on a different tab, so you shouldn't have any issues.

    We were having issues a few weeks ago, but recently it seems to working fine. The same is true for as well.

    Best of luck!

  • Tamara, thanks for the response and for graciously not slapping your forehead; as soon as I read your note, I slapped my forehead myself.


  • CHoldCHold mod
    edited October 19


    If you still have problems accessing the premium websites, contact us from your FHC and we can check a few things. The new portal must have the extension pinned in order for the portal to work. We may need to access your computer to help. You can contact us by clicking on the Contact Us from the Help Menu. Scroll down to the North America FamilySearch Support and you will see the phone number there. Make sure you select the FHC support queue.

    The instructions from @genbug08 are right on but if the portal extension is not pinned it will not work.

    Hopefully that will help.

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