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Indexing Feedback Link Should Open a New tab. Also, coordinate Indexing Projects with Image Scanning

I noticed upon using the feeback link that it lead me out of the project I was working upon. If possible, would it not be better to open a new tab in the brower than to force someone to exit their current batch? As it stands, I will have to navigate back to the batch I was working on and hope that any changes I was making prior to being redirected here were saved.

Also, I have noticed that those scanning the documents for indexing projects are creating images of every document, but some documents aren't being indexed per the instructions provided. This seems like wasteful efforts on the part of those creating the images. The documents required to be indexed, such as naturaliztion documents, also vary to some degree between indexing projects of a similar type. If possible, would it not be better to set a standard for which documents are to be indexed, and inform those generating the digitized images of that decision so they can focus on creating a digital archive of the relevant pages? Or is more desirable to convey the completeness of the original record source, so even the pages containing no information relevant to the indexing process are required?

If not, could we not strive for greater coordination and only digitize and index the relevant and useful portions of these records?

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  • Melissa S HimesMelissa S Himes ✭✭✭✭✭

    I think it is important to have access to all the documents. When the researcher finds their ancestor they can look through the film and see all the documents relating to the individual. If they didn't digitize every document, they could be lost forever. No one wants to keep paper. The owners of the records decide what will be indexed. Sometimes it makes me wonder why they choose what they choose, but, I guess they get the final say.

    I usually keep two tabs open, one with the Community Help group and another with my indexing so I can toggle back and forth between the two. That way you can copy and paste the URL and batch codes and still have the ability to create a post.

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