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Research Hints Links Fail

edited October 20 in Suggest an Idea

When you click on the Research Hints links in the upper left of the screen, a small sub window will open to display information about the document. So far so good.

When you try to link the document to your family tree, the linker process fails. It brings up a blank screen. The same things happen when you select a document from the new search display.

I have reported this, two days ago but no resolution. Why is such an important function getting so little attention?

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  • If there were an FS-tool-specific version of that "is it just me?" service, I think it'd be saying "yep, it's just you".

    This sort of behavior can be the result of an incomplete or interrupted page load. If refreshing or reloading the page fails to fix it (and it sounds like this is the case), then the "halfway-state" page may have gotten stuck in your browser's store of files saved so that pages can load faster, and clearing your browser's cache and cookies should fix it. If not, check whether your browser version is up to date; sometimes, things break in older versions.

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