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Constant alterations and harrasment

edited October 12 in Family Tree

I am a female member of the Church and have been for over 30 years. All that time I have worked on my Family Line and carried out the work in the Temple. A man in his late 70's has come onto the site, who is not a member of the Church, and who keeps changing my family line and changing my great great grandfather based on documents of a child who has no parents or a marriage where the groom has no Father documented. No one knows who they are linked to and neither does this person. The line will be changed a few times a "day" and I have to restore it to what it should be. I receive e-mails harassing and insisting I speak to him. I do not know him. When I ignore the messages my family line is distorted and keeps on being distorted to get me to contact him. This wont be happening. The line has to be corrected because of the link and work carried out and the work to be carried out.

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  • dontiknowyoudontiknowyou ✭✭✭
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    First, you are not alone. It sounds like no contact with this person is a good idea. Some things you might do, while maintaining no contact, that could help:

    • Try to dismantle brick walls in this person's ancestry so they stop trying to glom onto yours. Give them a better alternative. Do this from a different login.
    • Find someone else, perhaps an older male, to talk to this person.
    • Don't watch the pages being edited by this person, turn off as many notifications as possible so their edits are less irritating, and ignore them for weeks or months at a time while you go on about your own work. Family Tree does not need to be maintained in a constant state of perfect order. This may also allow other contributors opportunity to carry some of the load.

  • Accepted Answer

    Here are somethings you can do. First have to used the family search message system. If you have not we suggest that you do so. We ask that you go to the help center and search for messages. The URL for this is

    Then communicate with the person that is making the changes you know to be wrong. If that person replies then keep those replies and if that person continues to make those wrong changes, then post here all the communications that pertain to the changing of the information. We then need the ID or IDs of the affected Ancestor and what is correct and what the other person is changing. We also need your documentational proof of the correct information and if the other person has their documentation as in documents of a child who has no parents or a marriage where the groom has no Father documented, then we need that as well.

    Make sure you put in the name or ID of that person. Once you do that we can then handle the details from here.

    We need as much accurate information about this situation as possible. The more the better.

  • Brett .Brett . ✭✭✭✭
    Accepted Answer



    I am just another 'lowly' User/Patron ...

    You are not alone ...

    Many of us have ... been there ... done that ... and, still do ...

    Further to what has already been proffered ...

    And, really to somewhat to consolidate that ...

    [ And, as I have proffered on occasion ... ]

    As you will no doubt be aware ...

    Technically there is no way to STOP another User/Patron working along the SAME 'Ancestral" Lines.

    As, "Family Tree", of 'FamilySearch', is Built on a "Open Edit" Platform - hence, why any registered User/Patron can "Edit" (ie. Add, Delete; and/or, Change) ANY "Deceased" individual/person, in "Family Tree", of 'FamilySearch'.

    Now ...

    That Said ...

    Do not disappear ...

    There are some, actions that one can take; and, options available ...

    Here are some "Knowledge Articles" in 'FamilySearch', that somewhat addresses your problem/issue.

    [ And, below are references to "Knowledge Articles" in 'FamilySearch' that have already been provided ... ]

    Here is the FIRST "Knowledge Article":

    [ But, your particular situation/circumstance, has gone beyond this following "Knowledge Article" ... ]

    How can I prevent other people from making inaccurate changes to Family Tree?

    Now ...

    After that ...

    As you can 'see', "Collaboration" needs to be undertaken.

    But, when "Collaboration" FAILS; and, provided that there is NO "Abuse" ...

    Then, there is this "Knowledge Article" in 'FamilySearch':

    How do I report changes or problems made by other contributors?

    that comes to the fore ...

    In particularly, the last sentence in that "Knowledge Article"; which, is very IMPORTANT:



    If you have questions regarding inadvertent, suspicious or potentially malicious errors in records that you are unable to resolve per the instructions above, contact FamilySearch Support.


    But ...

    That Said ...

    Your particular situation/circumstance, may really border on that of "Abuse".

    As Such ...

    This "Knowledge Article" in 'FamilySearch':

    How do I report abuse, spam, inappropriate memories, and other content?

    comes to the fore.

    Now ...

    All That Said ...

    As such ...

    IF, you have undertaken "Collaboration" with the particular User/Patron in question, causing concern; and, that "Collaboration" has FAILED (eg. NO Response); and/or, there is "Abuse"; THEN, you can, either,

    (1) For a "Private" communication ...

    Contact 'FamilySearch' "Support" DIRECTLY via the,

    (a) Telephone; and,

    (b) an "Live ('On-Line') "Chat"

    To keep the communication "Private", if you are directed back to this "Community.FamilySearch" Forum, insist that you do not want to do so; and, prefer that the matter be handled "Privately".


    (2) For a communication is "Public" view ...

    'Post' HERE in "Community.FamilySearch" Forum; and, HOPEFULLY, the "Moderators" [ ie. 'FamilySearch' "Support" (Personnel) ] HERE in this Forum, can TAKE the MATTER directly into the workings of 'FamilySearch' "Support", to help/assist you; and, communicate with you "Privately" via/through either, ("Private") 'Messaging' in 'FamilySearch' (or, the "Community.FamilySearch" Forum); and/or, DIRECT "E-mail".

    And ...

    IF, you want, keep any 'Post' here, in the "Community.FamilySearch" Forum, to a minimum, devoid of, "Personal" Information about one's self; and, even, not providing information about any Ancestors, just a precis of the matter; and, requesting a "Private" communication directly from 'FamilySearch' "Support" (Personnel).


    You are not alone ...

    Most of us have ... been then ... done that ... still do.

    Plus, it is a 'Slow' process, the whole thing often takes some time, to resolve.

    Good Luck.

    I hope this also helps, somewhat.



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