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Recent Changes to FamilySearch Record Search are HORRIBLE! Change It Back Now!!!

I have been using your website for years and, I must say, that I absolutely hate the recent changes you've made to the layout and record search features and functionality. Unlike with the old site, I find it almost impossible to perform targeted searches.

The new site is horrible. Please go back to the old one. Why on earth do people find it necessary to try and improve something that works well. Nine times out of ten, you end up ruining what you had.

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  • Oh I agree! I hate this new format! Please change back. This is not very user friendly. Can't find anything! 😐️Talked to two friends that said the same thing. Please do something!

  • All the above, seconded.

  • I too HATE this new version of Family Search! I don't recall anyone complaining about the previous version being hard to use, please tell us WHY someone got the IDEAL it needed to be changed! You don't fix what's already helping us find our ancestors. I've also noticed that the 1900 census doesn't seem to appear on all family members why is that?

  • 1000% agree - the new search UI rots - presentation of results all presented as a single list with zero ability to break it up" into overarching categories - unless you force one and only one such over arching category to be listed. It was EXTREMELY USEFUL having the ability to group the search results into the overarching categories. Having the records merely presented as one big list is far less informative and only poses confusion in keeping things straight in one's mind. The functionality the old search UI offered was extremely easy to use and aided in reviewing the result obtained. Why the near version did not exploit what was extremely useful in the old version and present greater ability within its general use patterns is puzzling. Why do upgrades ignore the user base when it comes to usability? This new search UI needs a lot of upgrades on the usability front!!!

  • Please get rid of this format! Totally useless and difficult to find anything, if you can find what you are looking for at all. There was NO NEED to change the format to what it is now. So very frustrating and annoying. Agree with everyone's comments 100-plus percent!

    Lois Kastner 10/13/21

  • This new format for searching is absolutely horrible. If you copy anything, it's not editable and takes at least three times the normal spacing. You can actually fit on one page what is now three pages. It's terrible.

  • I agree that the new search engine is not as friendly, useful or effective as the old one. I don't see the value in the discover on the right side of the screen. It is very difficult to search for FindAGrave or family Trees now. Why was it changed and does it now supposedly have more help - I sure don't see it. Bruce Feinauer

  • As a daily user of your site, which you graciously provide free of charge, the recent changes to the basic search for a single person or for a family tree, have rendered the search results more cumbersome to sort through. Perhaps I'm stuck in my ways and have not yet grasped the reason for nor potential of the changes. The work-around effort to accomplish tasks previously accomplished in fewer steps would seem to be adding an unnecessary load on your servers. Despite this complaint, the free service you provide remains appreciated.

  • I absolutely agree with 'Higley 1985'. This new look site is HORRIBLE!! You can't search for anything targeted - there is no way to choose EXACT names/locations, etc. AND, what about Census and immigration records - they seem to have disappeared. If I am searching for a person by entering their name, place and date of birth - I get EVERYBODY with that name and EVERY location imaginable. It's all over the place. This is more frustrating and irritating than I can say. PLEASE, PLEASE, put it back.

    If it ain't broke - don't try to fix it!!!!

  • I agree. HORRIBLE, absolutely horrible, that was my first impression and I am not changing my mind. 😥🙄😫😲😖🤢😡🤡👹👺☠️👎️👎️👎️👎️

  • I agree, it is not user friendly and searching is now very difficult, especially if trying to drill down to something specific. It worked well before, why change it?

  • For those of us who have been using FS for years, the new search function, as everyone has already said, is so NOT user-friendly. I always used to recommend FS over other genealogical sites for newbies because it was easy to dive in and find information. When those of us who are comfortable with searching can't find things, no way would I recommend your site now.

  • I tend to do my family research in fits and starts: I work at it intensively for several weeks and then take a break for a month or two before returning to my research.

    I found the 'old' Family Search really helpful and used it more than Ancestry. When I recently returned and encountered the 'new' Family Search I was taken aback. I am used to the idea of having to relearn how to do things before I can see benefits, but I have tried several times and have to say the changes have made Family Search useless for my research.

    For now I am abandoning Family Search and will go elsewhere. I will drop in from time to time to see if the powers that be have back-tracked, but I am not hopeful.

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