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Stange black screen? Why? Something new???

when i open Indexing and try to choose a project there is now a large black "box" with smaller boxes and a strange yellow square. The project is very little at the bottom and I can't open the data to be indexed. I closed and went out but days later it the same. Is this new and why????

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  • genthusiast 1genthusiast 1 ✭✭✭
    edited September 15 Accepted Answer

    It appears maybe your Data Entry mode changed from Form to Table - which I have never seen before - I believe I would be looking for a way to change that back to Form entry but I am unfamiliar... Also maybe 1 of 2 other things MAY be occuring - either the Indexing header menu (Batch, Data Entry, Help) somehow 'grew' to take over the screen OR the Batch image window somehow is minimized?

    Did you change any screen settings on this computer/device a few days ago? By the way what device are you using?

    I would guess try the Data Entry link there and see if you cannot change it? That's my first suggestion.

    I can see on the screen that the Project you are in is:

    United States - Enlisted and Officer Muster Rolls and Rosters, 1916-1939 [Part J] [M37P-84F]

    I was unable to recreate the issue - but this is the first project I have seen that allows me to change the Data Entry mode - so yes I think maybe changing that would help. But Also I don't know how your screen got 'upside down'. When I am in Table Entry mode I see the batch below and the Entries/fields above. Something is different on your system and I don't know what it is or how it happened.

    Maybe go back to Web Indexing, Request a Batch from a different Project than this one you are trying to open, and see if that one opens in the same black screen window?

  • John EmpolitiJohn Empoliti ✭✭✭
    Accepted Answer

    @maryjoharrell1 . Try a different browser. If you’re using Chrome, try Microsoft Edge, or Firefox. If changing browsers makes the problem disappear, then probably you need to clear cache and cookies on your original browser.

    To clear cookies: Go to Click Yes.

    If clearing FamilySearch cookies did not solve the problem, try deleting all of the temporary files and cookies from your web browser. Before you do this, please search online for information about how to do this for your specific browser and device.


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