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Image that should be viewable in a Family History Center isn't viewable there. How to view it?

I am in the Vernal Family History Center, but cannot view an image that should be viewable here. None of the consultants here know how to solve this problem. Last week a patron had the same problem. Someone had told her that the Deep Freeze application needs to be removed from our computers. Is that the solution, or is it an essential app needed to keep these computers clean?

Keith Kendall

Vernal Family History Center Consultant


  • @Keith Kendall

    I removed your phone and email from your above question because this is a public forum. Since the new portal has only been released to the Family History Centers in the last few weeks the Family History Center leader needs to call in. We have Dale Hatch as the leader of that center. Is that still correct? If not we need to gather the information on the new leader and that leader needs to contact us.

    There is a new portal extension that need to be added in the administrative mode on each computer and there is a new tool box that needs to be added. The leader of the center needs to call in so that we can have the Family History Center Tech people help them get these computers updated. Once that has happened then you can see those restricted records. We show that you have 25 Windows 10 computers so it is going to take some time. The FHC leader needs to be in the center in order to update everything.

    Hopefully that will help.

  • @Keith Kendall

    You may want to look in the Help Center under this article Premium Websites not accessible from Patron sign in on Family History Computer

    Use the steps below if you can access the premium websites from the Family History Center Services Portal when you sign in to the center computer as an administrator, but not if you sign in as a patron.

    1. Go to the Family History Center Services Portal.
    2. On the left, in the Genealogical Resources column, click Premium Family History Websites.
    3. Follow the instructions under No Website Access on the right side of the screen to download and run the file.
    4. If prompted, enter the administrator username and password.
    5. Return to the home page of the Family History Center Services Portal.
    6. Click Premium Family History Websites, and see if you are able to access the websites.

    If the center computers are still not able to access the premium sites, please call FamilySearch.

  • Thank you.

    Access to premium websites was also a problem, so thanks for answering that problem also.

    The new Family History Center directors are Dean &Jolene Baker from Ashley Stake. I will request them to phone in. Their information will soon be added to the Family History Center webpage in the Family Search Wiki.

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