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read-only problems

edited October 14 in Family Tree

Anne Hopkins LYB5-995 is NOT the spouse of Stephen Hopkin L13C-CMX

There are no dates or locations for such a marriage

Anne Hopkins LYB5-995 was only married to Benjamin Smith K86S-D2N

Read-Only records so the connection can’t be removed.

There are sources that should be attached to Anne Hopkins LYB5-995; but can’t because the Read-Only blocks it

Please remove that false connection.



  • Your question will be forwarded to a specialty team for review and resolution. You may be contacted by that team if they need to gather more information. 

  • Sending a private chat to the guest to gather more information

  • @Alice Colby Volkert I received information that @McConnellCurtisWilliam56 is handling this.

    This is information that I see.

    We have looked at Anne Hopkins LYB5-995 and her sources and the sources associated with Benjamin Smith K86S D2N. It appears that Anne's Maiden name is Smith and not Hopkins as we see that she is the daughter of Benjamin Smith LRQZ-L9S and Mercy Angell LRQZ-PYH. It is a bit confusing in that her father is Benjamin Smith and she married a Benjamin Smith. Go through the sources for Benjamin (husband) and Benjamin (father) If you agree with that then we can make those changes and remove Stephen Hopkins as her Husband. Please look at the memories and collaboration notes. Please look at the source Anne Hopkins (born Smith) source at the bottom of her sources. Also look at this link for It appears that Stephen Hopkins married Anne Arnold after his first wife Sarah died. Anne Arnold is a different person than Anne Smith.

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