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Ancestor Treasures


Weekly prompts for collecting your ancestor's memories and treasures to share with your family. Let's set a goal to add one memory a week throughout the year, but if you miss a week, just try again next week.

Need help figuring out how to save your Ancestor Treasures?

Have you looked for an engaging way to share stories from your family history with others?

BYU Family History Library

Memories: Connecting Relatives Near and Far

Memories - The Person Page

For power users:

Thanks for the Memories Part 1

Thanks for the Memories Part 2 

Ancestor Calendar

Calendar of Ancestor Moments —

Family Interview Question List

FamilySearch Memories

Preserving Your Research

Printable Family Keepsakes

Relative Finder

Relative Finder - Homepage

Weekly Prompts 2020 Challenge

Ancestor Treasures - Join us in this challenge to preserve a new treasure or memory each week - Google Docs

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