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Czechia (Czech Republic) Research

Help with research, translations, helpful sites and general questions about Czechia

Moravian Census (1857-1921)

Stable Cadastre maps: and

Old Maps:

The Moravian Heritage Society -

It is illustrated with handwritten entries taken from over a hundred year old books of the Prussian registry offices from the great area of Poland. I tried to find it for you because the German occupations and handwriting really helps in Czech. It does not say the occupation in English, only German and Polish.

Learn old German script

Reading German Handwritten Records -

German Paleography Seminar

Nazwy Dawnych Zawodow i Statusow

Interchangeable Letters in Czech Language


Genteam Jewish Familiants in Prague index and Lahnenregister Moravia index

Czechia given names

Czechia given names

Czechia given names

List of Bohemian Professions

List of German exonyms for places in the Czech Republic

List of German and Czech names during the Protectorate (1938-1945) (German)

Blog Czech Genealogy for Beginners

Cook County Clerk of Court Naturalizations

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