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Adding photos to individuals- which have I completed?

I have a lot of media in my Gallery and I want to attach this media to the relevant individuals. To keep track of which one's have been completed, I'd like to add some visual indication to their record so I know that Person has had their media transferred. One idea is to Edit the Person's name by adding an 'M' in the suffix box (see attachment). This will then appear as part of their name in the Family Tree. Would this be allowable, or is there some other way of giving me a visible indication that this individual's photos have been added?


  • Hi Dave

    We understand your concern and desire to be able to track your progress. But please remember, the records of your deceased ancestors are shared with everyone else using Family Search. All the other users will have no idea what the M means in the name and many will remove it. We do not recommend that you use the name fields for anything other than names with the associated prefixes and suffixes.

    Having said that, the other place you could consider doing this would be to add a note under the collaborate tab on each person page. This would not be as readily visible as what you were thinking but it will be part of the record.

    Another option would be to track your progress outside of Family Search on a spreadsheet or something.

    Thanks for visiting Family Search Community.

  • Hi Wayland,

    Thank you for your response. I will give it some careful thought.


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