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How to Use FamilySearch Community

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Test. 30July2021. MY BOOKMARKS. New QUESTION. Category=HOW TO USE FSC. Just curious where 'Ends Up'

@Mark McLemore 

Test ONLY. 30 July 2021. 



Category = HOW TO USE FamilySearch COMMUNITY

Just curious WHERE this will 'End Up'.



  • This post is repeated 6 time.

    I am posting here to remove this discussion from Unanswered.

  • Brett .Brett . ✭✭✭✭

    @Douglas McPhaden


    'Thank You' for your 'Answer'/'Comment'/'Response'.

    But, I wish you would have left this post, 'as is' ...

    There was NO need to REMOVE this post from an "Unanswered" state ...


    Whereas ...

    You most likely, do not to understand, the 'gravity' of the situation ...

    Please let me explain ...

    I have been working in this "Community.FamilySearch" Forum, for a number of Years.

    This "Community.FamilySearch" Forum was originally established for the purpose of ...

    Users/Patrons, HELPING / ASSISTING, Users/Patrons.

    As you may be (are, most likely) aware;

    ▬ A few MONTHS ago, the "Community.FamilySearch" Forum, "Changed" to a NEW Platform (ie. "Vanilla") 

    ▬ That "Change" has resulted in, MANY; Many; many, things causing problems/issues, that need addressing

    This post, of mine, relates to one of those problems/issues, that need addressing; in fact, a SERIOUS one.

    [ In fact, this particular post of mine is ONE of a number ... that day ... ] 

    Posts, in this NEW (ie. "Vanilla") Platform, of the "Community.FamilySearch" Forum appear to be, 'falling into the cracks', disappearing into nonexistent 'Groups' (or, more so "Categories").

    Please refer, to this recent post of mine, in the "Ideas" Section, under the 'Topic' of "FamilySearch Community", in this "Community.FamilySearch" Forum.

    Do you realise POSTS appear to be, 'falling into the cracks', disappearing into nonexistent 'Groups' 

    I addressed that post, to the particular attention of one, of the "Administrators" (in this case, a MAIN one) in this "Community.FamilySearch" Forum. Which has, in fact, been acknowledged; and, confirmed; as, a problem/issue, by the aforementioned.

    I had raised the matter previously; but, not to the extent that I did in the aforementioned post; as, then, I did not, at that time, really comprehend the WHOLE 'gravity' of the situation.

    That was until I found, one of these nonexistent 'Groups' (or, more so "Categories"), with some x63 pages/screens of posts, with some x20 posts per page/screen.

    In other words ... over x1000 posts ... in that one alone ...

    Where, the MAJORITY of those posts, had NOT, been 'Viewed"; NOR, 'Answered'/'Commented' upon.

    Basically, that has been lost to the 'ether' ... 

    Hopefully, the "Administration" of this this "Community.FamilySearch" Forum CAN, now, both, 

    (1) Eventually, STOP posts being 'Created' in the manner in which the were; and,

    (2) MOVE, the MANY 'wayward' posts, to where they belong.

    Now ...

    That Said ...

    I had some thoughts, on how such posts, were being 'Created', outside of the norm ...

    And; as, there were now even MORE recent subsequent posts in, for want of a better term, 'No Mans Land' ...

    I decided to do some "Testing" myself ... 

    Hence, all those posts, such as this one.

    Which were (also) addressed, to the attention of of one, of the "Administrators" (in this case, a MAIN one) in this "Community.FamilySearch" Forum.

    I hope that this 'Comment' of mine, gives you some perspective.


    ps: Please, DO NOT, do ANYTHING, with, this particular post; and/or, other such posts, like this, of mine; as, we need to leave these posts, 'as is', 'in-situ', for the "Administration" of this "Community.FamilySearch" Forum; as, such may be NEED for the Company that, Developed; and, Owns, the "Vanilla" Software (Platform), to, investigate, to fix.



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