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Missing Ordinances

I am Joseph Hinton Siler LN57-Y8N niece and would like to get initiatory and endowment done.

Joseph Hinton Siler LN57-Y8N

Born: 21 Dec 1946 Panguitch, Garfield, Utah

Parents: John Leland Siler

Athelia Moffet Siler

they were Married and sealed on 4 Dec 1928 in the St, George Temple

was Born in Covent

Joseph's Death Date: 17 Feb 2020 in Aguascalientes, Mexico


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    Hi @SeelyStarrElizabeth1 ,

    You are requesting to be able to do the Initiatory and Endowment for Joseph Hinton Siler LN57-Y8N.

    As you are the Niece you will need to get permission from his siblings or children. To request permission go to his page in the ordinance section and fill in the request information with the permission from a close living relative.

    Because he was born in the Covenant you will need to go to the clerk where his membership records are kept and give the clerk the deceased information so that his membership PID # can be seen.

    When this happens the two PID numbers can be merges and you will have Joseph's information of him being born in the covenant.

    Hope this helps.

    Do I need permission from the closest living relative to do temple ordinances?

    Article Id: 1557

    April 20, 2020

    Before you can do ordinances for a deceased person who was born within the last 110 years, the requirements below must be met.

    • The person be deceased for at least one year and one day.
    • You must be one of the closest living relatives, or you must obtain permission from one of the closest living relatives.
      • If you are not the spouse or a child, parent, or sibling of the deceased, obtain permission from one of the closest living relatives before doing the ordinances.
      • The closest living relatives are an undivorced spouse (the spouse to whom the individual was married when he or she died), an adult child, a parent, a brother, or a sister.
    • Having received permission from the deceased to do his or her temple work prior to his or her death does not qualify as obtaining permission from the deceased's closest living relative.

    Note: Ensure that you are linked with the deceased person in Family Tree in order to show and confirm your relationship to that person.

    This is an example of how to approach family members who are not members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to request permission:

    I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I am seeking your permission to submit   (insert person's name) 's name to the temple. In the temple, we perform sacred ordinances for our loved ones who have passed away. It would be my gift to  (him or her) , and I would be honored. I will respect whatever you say and will hold no hard feelings if you decline.

    Remember: Consider and respect the wishes of close living relatives, especially a living spouse, and accept the answer you receive.


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    Hello @SeelyStarrElizabeth1

    We understand that you would like to complete the ordinances for your uncle Joseph Hinton Siler.

    Joseph's ordinances which he already completed, do not show in Family Tree because Church Membership have not been notified of Joseph's death.

    Would you like to add a source which shows Joseph's death such as a funeral program, Cemetery Index or an obitiary? and let us know.

    Otherwise reply to the message which I have sent you in this Community forum (see the envelope top right of this screen).

    With proof of Joseph's death we can notify Church Membership for you. Then we can arrange for the already completed ordinances to display. From there you will can request the remaining ordinances but you will need to have permission from a close relative of Joseph (as @Pinnell Lois indicated above).

    best regards

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