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I was working on a batch and could not proceed on 2nd entry. Now I am stuck and cannot proceed with

I cannot proceed with other work. I seem to be stuck on one batch. I will do one set and submit it. Then the next set brings up that previous batch again that needs to be completed, but no certificates are there to complete from. I am not explaining this very well.


  • We would love to answer your question. It helps when you share the batch code with us as it helps us to see the same batch and where the issue might be. You can find the share batch code by going to the Help Center and typing in the search term Share batch. It is usually at the very top across from where the Family Search logo is and Batch, Data Entry and Help. Copy and paste that here and that should help us determine how to answer your concerns.

  • For sure, please do what @KlaRees suggests. But I wonder if you just have extra blank entries that you don’t need, and they are getting in the way of your being able to submit.. If my guess is correct, then if you click on the trashcan icon (middle of the toolbar), choose option “all blank entries” and then click “Delete” the problem might go away. No harm done if I’m wrong. Good luck.

  • Melissa S HimesMelissa S Himes ✭✭✭✭

    You don't need to type in a search term Share Batch to find a batch code. It is really easy!

    The batch code is the series of letters and numbers after the title of the project on the top of your screen. Like this: [M343-BT9]

    Or you can click on the third icon from the right in the toolbar and copy and paste the link and/or batch code that appear.

    Or You can also click on Batch in the top left corner and there will be a About Batch in the menu and there is the Batch Code again.

    Or you can click on Help, Share Batch and there they are again!

    You can either type that code or link with your question or use copy and paste.

    To copy: highlight the information you want to copy and then use Ctrl + C (on a PC) or Cmd + C (on a mac) for copying and

    To paste: use Ctrl + V or Cmd + V

  • It is helpful to have the whole title as well as the batch code. @Melissa S Himes gave great instructions.

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