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What happened to the ability to send an email to FamilySearch?

The Contact Us under Help is now just a list of phone numbers. Why can't I send an email anymore? This is not helpful.


  • I am a Japanese service missionary. I felt the same at first. However, by posting questions and issues to this community, you can share your feelings with users around the world and get answers from people who know the answers. Please ask a question. If you would like to get an individual answer, please let us know. When the respondents click on your name and then the message in the upper left, it's a private conversation. You can be a questioner or a respondent. Please practice a little. I didn't understand at first, but I failed many times and gradually became aware of it. I will also send a private message. (I'll put this sentence out in private, and you'll learn better.)

  • I have never Been happy with either the E-mail or their message boards, I always preferred to Talk to people over the Phone, since they made it harder to that is has made things a lot worse for me and getting the Support I need.

  • Brett .Brett . ✭✭✭✭



    I am just another 'lowly' User/Patron ...

    You are not alone ...

    MANY; Many; many, Users/Patrons, DO NOT, find this helpful ...


    Short Answer: The, 'Third Party', Software platform, on which, the 'FamilySearch' "Support" Case (Management) System worked, is NOW, for whatever reason, NO LONGER unavailable to 'FamilySearch'.

    And, it happened, almost, 'All of a Sudden' ...

    NO time, to really PLAN, for a 'Successor' ...

    The OLD 'FamilySearch' "Support" Cases have NOW gone.

    Basically, the 'FamilySearch' "Support" (Personnel) have NOW been INCLUDED (ie. lumped, 'holus-bolus') into this "Community.FamilySearch" Forum.

    This "Community.FamilySearch" Forum was NOT 'Designed' for such.

    This "Community.FamilySearch" Forum was ORIGINALLY established as a medium of ...

    Users/Patrons, HELEPING / ASSISTING, Users/Patrons ...

    In an OPEN (ie. "Public") Forum.

    The "Community.FamilySearch" Forum, has worked, just fine; and, quite successfully, like that for a number of YEARS. 

    Now ...

    Hence, the current problems/issues; and, lack of an ability to "Send a Message" [ ie. a "Private" Communication ] DIRECTLY to 'FamilySearch' "Support". Like we used to; thereby, 'Creating' a 'FamilySearch' "Support" Case.

    That is ... done and dusted ...

    But ...

    That Said ...

    Due to, the 'inherent' problems/issue that have arisen; and, the "Desperate" (and, deeply felt) CONCERNS of, MANY; Many; many, Users/Patrons ...

    HOPEFULLY, 'FamilySearch' is 'looking' for a NEW mechanism/method of "Send[ing] a Message" [ ie. a "Private" Communication ] DIRECTLY to 'FamilySearch' "Support".

    Only 'Time' will tell ...

    I know that this does not help; but, I just hope that is gives yo some more perspective.


  • Brett I hope that happens, I really have had bad luck on their boards, and forms that Familysearch has offered for fix of issues. to every body that needs help I can say is good luck, unless I know how to help them.

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    I just received the following invitation in an e-mail from FamilySearch/The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and I was horrified to see the grammar it used. “Their” is not a singular pronoun and even though people are starting to use it that way, it still isn’t correct grammar and doesn’t represent FamilySearch or the Church in a good way. If you can’t use a singular pronoun, you should find another way to say it. For example, “Remember and honor your relative by viewing this headstone.” It might not be quite as catchy, but at least it’s correct!

    Carol Lasson

  • Brett .Brett . ✭✭✭✭



    I am just another 'lowly' User/Patron ...

    Can I humbly suggest that this particular post, is NOT the place, to raise the matter that you have.

    The best place, to raise the matter, that you have, is (of course) in this Forum; but, separately, in the "Ideas" (ie. 'Feedback') Section, under (possibly) the 'Topic' of "General User Interface" (or, of course, the 'catch-all' of "Other"; or, BOTH).

    Here is the direct link to the 'Topic' of "General User Interface":

    "Ideas" Section

    'Topic' = General User Interface

    Home > English > Ideas > General User Interface

    General User Interface

    Good Luck.

    I hope this helps.


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