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Setting Country in Search Engine

Location is a great feature for general use.. 

At times having to reset it to a specific country repeatedly can be frustrating. As is often the case when you are focusing on a specific country for records in your locality. Otherwise as it defaults it brings up records and in particular records in the USA. Which is great if that is what you require :-) For others this is not true.

Suggestion make it possible to set the country and indicate which it has been set to. 

On logging out revert to ALL countries as one may forget and actually want a general search to be performed by FamilySearch.

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  • Would I be correct and not alone in saying - The default to USA country is frustrating and unhelpful.

    Would it be possible to add a setting that we 'fix' the country one is searching in with a flag perhaps that it has been SET to a particular country and on logging out defaults to USA/Worldwide.

    It would be nice to not to have to keep adjusting the country so one could get on with the important work of researching relevant data :-)

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