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FamilySearch Related Videos

This is my compiled list of great FamilySearch Related VIDEOS

wondering if any of you can help me add some new/updated entries to the list.

what would you suggest I add?



  • Hi Dennis, Perhaps no one has answered your question yet because there is no clear cut answer. It sounds like you are compiling a personal list of videos that you or a group might find helpful as you begin to use FamilySearch.

    The only suggestion I can offer is to know where to find the videos that FamilySearch offers, which you probably already know....

    Go to the Help Center, which can be found on the Community Home page at the bottom or at by clicking the question mark at the top then click on Help Center at the bottom of the pop-out box. Once at the Help Center, you can choose the category of "Learning Center" and then use the search field at the top to enter a few words about things you want to learn.

    It looks like you have compiled quite a nice list with category headings that are very helpful. The people you are teaching are very blessed to have you as a teacher.

    Others may want to add their suggestions to this stream of comments.

    Best wishes to you.

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    Hi Dennis-

    I have found dozens of great videos from RootsTech this last year. They are all free and a great resource, check them out at:

    I don't know if you want to include webinars, but if you do I found anything by Kathryn Grant with BYU exceptionally helpful.

    Thanks for sharing your list, I'm anxious to check it out.😉

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