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Wasted Paper in Re-printing cards and "My Reservations" only prints names on each page.

When the format of the My Reservations was changed, it doesn't allow me to print all the selected names at once. The program only prints the names I select from one page which means to print 10 names with one name appearing alphabetically on each page, I have to print 10 pages with only one card per page.

Also to reprint each card each time I complete an ordinance takes a great deal of time, a lot of paper and ink especially when I am trying to manage at least a 1000 ordinances which I have given out to family members to complete. I would rather spend my time in the temple completing the ordinances than sitting in front of a computer for hours reprinting cards, pouring over lists to make sure I didn't leave anyone out, mailing and re-mailing out new cards each time to family all over the country, and then verifying and tracking every ordinance from a long list.

Any help to fix this logistical nightmare will be greatly appreciated.

Mary Ann Thurgood

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