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Is there a link in the Family Tree mobile app that allows you to work in the Community?

CDBurkCDBurk mod
edited June 14 in Mobile

We could not find a way to go to the Community to ask questions or share ideas without being redirected to the website in a browser. Is there a way to work in the Community without leaving the mobile app? Many users do not want to bounce back and forth between the web-based program and and should be informed that you cannot use the Community in the mobile app if this is the case.


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    FamilySearch Communities is an online resource. Currently the only way to view FamilySearch Communities from a mobile app is to use the browser on your app. Then you can reach it by going to

  • ChaiChai mod
    Accepted Answer

    Yes, one day we may have FamilySearch Community in the mobile app, the enginneers will have to code Community into the app and then submit it for Google Play and Apple Play Stores for approval. All these takes time, and makes the App larger in size and download.

    If everyone wants it, the enginneers will have to work harder and design it. Frankly, I prefer to use the desktop website, but it will happen on the mobile one day.


  • CDBurkCDBurk mod
    edited June 8

    Thanks to those who answered my query...since I use both the mobile app [which has limited functionality] and the web-based program, I just wanted to be sure I was not missing something important. 😉

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