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Birth and Marriage Records from in and around Essen, Germany

Has anyone had any luck contacting someone in Germany to assist in obtaining Birth and/or Marriage records so that I can determine the names and birthdates & death dates of my Great Grandmother & Father who lived in and around Essen, Germany? I have the name and birth, marriage, and death dates for my Great Grandmother and father who immigrated to the US in 1881, but can not find the names and dates of my Great Great Grandmother and father who lived and died in Germany and were Roman Catholic.


  • As you may be aware, pre-1876 you need to look for church records. Civil registration by the state began in most parts of Germany that year.

    I saw you previous thread from February where you asked for a 1873 marriage in Bordeck. The FS Catalog does have any records for Bordeck. The next place to look for Catholic records is Matricula. They have no records from Essen. So you will need to contact the archive that owns the records, which will be either the Catholic Diocese of Essen, or a government archive.

    Note that the Catholic Church is very sensitive about the issue of baptism for the dead. If you are a Latter Day Saint or belong to another religion that practices this, don't mention this voluntarily in you communications with the Catholic Diocese.

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