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Customize the my feeds section

Is there a way to customize the my feeds section to only show the groups I am following? Right now it defaults to random posts in groups I am not a part of, and there is no way to review posts from my groups without clicking through to each one individually. Since the weekly digest emails are gone as well, there seems to be no way to review all relevant posts I can help with in one place, unless I am missing something.

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  • Brett .Brett . ✭✭✭

    @Mckenna Cooper


    When I was "Testing", in the "Beta" Environment, for the (New) "Vanilla" Platform, of the "Community.FamilySearch" Forum; before, it went "Live"; among other things, I did suggest (well, I tried to) that the "My Feeds" in the (New) "Vanilla" Platform is NOT/NOTHING like, the "My Feeds"; as, we know/knew it, in the then current (ie. Previous) "Platform"; and, that, IF, things were NOT going to "Change"; THEN, they would be best to "Get Rid of It'.

    Unfortunately, NOTHING "Changed"; and, they did not "Get Rid of It' ...

    So ...

    That said ...

    As such, I DO NOT even bother to use that "My Feeds" in this (New) Platform ...

    Basically, you are NOT, 'missing something' - it does not do what it used to ...

    Just my thoughts.


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